Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear is the sweetest, and biggest dog, that we’ve had come through the rescue. He is a three year old Mastiff Cane Corso mix that weighs 150 lb and he loves to snuggle all that on you have ha. He came to us as a local owner surrender after his original owner was incarcerated and none of his family could take care of him.

Bear did not have the best start to life. After he was born, he lived in a small house with his intact mother and father. When he hit puberty, his father and he started fighting (as to be expected) and Bear suffered the consequences. He was moved outside to a pen where he lived, isolated, for the next two years. Because of this, Bear is learning to be a part of the world again. While very under-socialized, Bear has been doing very well with other large calm dogs, and we have been doing weekly pack walks with him with no issues. We also have him now muzzle trained which makes introductions easier on everyone. Recently he has met two cats and a small dog and while he was interested in them, he showed zero signs or concerns of aggression and was actually a little afraid of the small dog when she gave off her own warnings.

To his former family, he was known as Care Bear, because he was so sweet and gentle with everyone. We have noticed this for the most part, but he also can bring out the mastiff in him and be a bit protective at times of his favorite people. He has never taken this farther than barking and lunging but with his size that can be quite a spectacle. His former family also said that he is very good with kids, and his first foster home was small children in which he did fairly well overall however they were diligent with supervision. We recently did another full assessment with toddlers (age 4) and we do not feel at this time he should be in a home with children under the age of 16 due to his training needs and impulse control issues.

Two of our directors have been taking him out weekly for strolls down the main drag in Delta, visiting shops and stores to desensitize him and he has loved it! Bear walks like a gem on leash, but can be reactive with cars and bicycles (again need socialization). In the home he seems to be housebroken and rarely had an issue if kept on a routine. The biggest issue that Bear struggles with his separation anxiety, obviously because of being isolated outside for 2 years. We have yet to find a crate that can contain him and he has caused damage in the home when left unattended. He has been working hard with his foster and is now relatively ok with being left alone for up to 8 hours. He still occasionally gets an upset stomach during this time, but is not destructive or loud.

We are looking for a breed experience foster or forever home, that will have the time and patience to work with him and make him the amazing dog we know he can be! He is so loving and sweet and snuggly with everyone he has met with us, we know he deserves his forever family ❤️ He is neutered and has had his first round of shots, and we will be getting his second and third boosters shortly. Bear also has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and we’ll need to have surgery in the near future on his left hip. we have raised almost all the money for the surgery and simply need a home for him to recover in. If you think that bear is the right fit for you, please email us at

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