Maverick is mixed breed dog (DNA test results in photo’s) that originally joined the PB & Chi Pack back in 2016, after he was saved from a shelter in Arizona. He is around 6 years old and working on slimming down his 70lb frame.

We will let the handsome Maverick tell you about himself:

Hello! I’m Maverick, also know as “Mavy or Mavy too Snavvy”. I’ma strange duck, who will make you laugh or smile everyday! I lived with my mom alone for a long time, and really liked that, but then she got married and had a baby and that was just too much for me. The little baby started crawling and it made me nervous, so mom reached out to the rescue to find me a home without kids where I could be calm and happy.

I am a bit nervous sometimes around new people, but if you let me come to you and give me treats, I will be pudding in your hands in no time! Like previously said, I’m not a fan of kids, so my forever home should not have them. My ideal home would be one person wanting to shower all their love on me, or maybe a couple, because 4 hands rubbing my belly is better than just two!

When it comes to other dogs, I’m a bit of a quagmire. When I see them out on the street and I haven’t met them, I can make a bit of a production, BUT with my new face halti I am easily redirected to pay attention to other things until I calm down. I’m also totally muzzle trained, so when it comes time to meet new doggies, that’s always a safe option to make everyone feel safe. While most dogs don’t like meeting other dogs in their home, that’s where I feel safest! I know you wouldn’t let a bad dog in the house, so it makes me feel better meeting them inside my home, or even car, and then going for a walk after and I’m perfect! I am currently living with the Pack Dog Training and have been living with 12 other dogs for the last month! We go for walks together and even play in the backyard! I still don’t know how to totally speak dog, so someone should always watch when I play so I don’t get too rambunctious or listen when the other doggie says they have enough for now. I am NOT a fan of kitties.

I LOVE walks and hikes! Don’t let my stature fool you, or the fact that I had double hip surgery years ago, I can WALK! Me and my foster mom walk at least 2 miles everyday and I love going into the woods with my doggie buddies and exploring or rolling in dead things or eating grass.

When I am at home, I am a big ham! I love carrying my stuffies around – my Canadian beaver is my favorite, and bringing them to you in return for snuggles or belly rubs. I LOVE my crate, I feel safe there and have no issue hanging out and chewing a bone or watching Netflix while everyone does their stuff. I am totally housebroken, never ONCE have had an accident.

I know that I am not the “easy dog” or the most adoptable, but I promise if you give me a chance, I will make you smile everyday and appreciate you giving me a second chance at life!

My former mom made me a cute instagram account @maverickneedsahome” but you can also see me daily in The Pack Dog Training Instagram or Facebook stories as I help her working with dogs, or exploring the trails.

As with all of our dogs, Maverick is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. If you think you have the perfect home for Maverick please fill out an application under our Foster & Adopt tab 🐾❤️

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