Maverick is mixed breed dog (DNA test results in photo’s) that originally joined the PB & Chi Pack back in 2016, after he was saved from a shelter in Arizona.

We will let the handsome Maverick tell you about himself: “Hi I’m Maverick 👋🏼 I live with my mum, dad and human baby sister. I love her but she’s just started crawling and it’s stressing me out. I’m all about relaxing so I’m looking for somewhere a bit quieter with no kids or animals. I’m a distinguished gentleman, probably around 6 or 7. I’m originally from Phoenix but was adopted here in Canada in 2016. Food is my favourite, I’m very treat motivated which helps with my training. I’m probably around 65lbs. I’m a big softie but I can be protective. I protect my family from scary things like repair workers, postal workers, buses, snow, vacuums, that sort of stuff. I sometimes get put in to my crate, which hinders how protective I can be, so it’s a bit silly really. I love my crate though, I go in there if you say, “man cave”. I’m pretty smart actually, I know “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “place”, “back it up” and “look”. I get separation anxiety in new places but I calm down pretty soon. Sleeping all day is my favourite. I’m allowed up on the bed during the day but I sleep on my bed at night. I’m fully muzzle trained because apparently I can be a bit dramatic on walks in busy areas. If I see another dog I get pretty scared so I bark and then run away. It’s pretty manly and impressive. I’m much better with calmer people though, I feed off of your energy. When you’re brave, I’m brave. I’ll definitely never be a dog park sort of dog. I like cats, but I couldn’t eat a whole one so there probably shouldn’t be any in my new home. I know I’m not the most adoptable dog so I make up for it at home behind closed doors – I’m super loving and silly. I make sure that my family know that they are loved so stinking much! My Canadian life so far can be seen on my instagram account @maverickneedsahome”

As with all of our dogs, Maverick is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. If you think you have the perfect home for Maverick please fill out an application under our Foster & Adopt tab 🐾❤️

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