Harley is a 4 year old female pibble mix that weighs around 70lbs that originally came up from Arizona in 2017 and was adopted locally but it is no longer a good fit for her so we are looking for a better suited home for her needs.

Harley is a happy, goofy and very affectionate girl that loves to give cuddles and kisses. She has lots of energy and loves walking, hiking, doing zoomies in the yard, and playing fetch (the chasing part more than the bringing it back part). She had ACL surgery on her back left knee and like a typical bully, she has a high pain tolerance and can overdo it sometimes. Harley struggles with anxiety which can cause her to be high-strung in some situations and she would do best with a confident owner who can help her stay calm and focused. She does get some separation anxiety but has come a long way and has gone from being in her crate during the day to having free range of most of the house.

Although Harley can be reactive with other dogs and has had some altercations, with proper introduction she can do great and has been living happily with another dog. Ideally, she would be in a home with a confident, playful dog that doesn’t mind her occasional resource guarding blips. Harley is a huge suck and loves just about everyone she meets, especially if they give her belly rubs! She can get protective if someone she doesn’t know comes into the house or approaches the vehicle and will growl and bark to let them know.

Small children are too unpredictable and overwhelming for Harley, which is why her current home is no longer a good fit. She has done great around older, dog-savvy kids. Harley knows some basic commands and is eager to learn more, especially if there are treats involved as she is very food motivated. She has high prey drive so no kitties for this girl. She was tested briefly with small dogs and was intense at first but quickly lost interest. She loves to chew bones and antlers; durable toys are best for this lovely lady.

As with all of our dogs, she is spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped. If you think you have the perfect home for Harley please fill out an application under our Foster? Adopt tab 🐾❤️

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