Basic Information
Name: Ginger 
Age: Approx 3 years old 
Breed: Chihuahua Mix 
Weight: 11 lbs 
Special Notes: Her initial greeting to you, she is extremely scared, shakes, and may try to bite but with proper handling can be avoided. Once she gets past this, she is fine. She has a habit of nibbling on her your hands (like an older puppy does). We’ve been working to break that habit, but will need continuous reinforcement.
Foster Notes:
“Hi! I am Ginger. I am an energetic pup with super fast feet. I love to play and give kisses…lots of kisses. My foster family often stops me because it gets to be a bit much. When you meet me, please do not judge me by my first impression – I am very shy so I may bark or be afraid to come close. My foster mum will bring treats and my foster sis to ease my nervousness. Please be patient because once I get over my shyness, I will be your most loyal companion.
My current family is so impressed with how quickly I became an off-leash dog. I must admit that I am not fond of the rain, so I do not like to go outside when it is wet out. Embarrassingly, my potty training is not perfect but after a few accidents on my foster mum’s yoga mat, she figured out that I must have been pee pad trained. I will also do my duties outside, and I am just realizing that I can ring a bell when I have to go.
I love my foster family, they include two big people, two little people, another dog and cat. I really like to snuggle with the little people at bedtime. I get the feeling that the cat does not like me much, so I try to stay out of her way – everyone else is fantastic. People are always around, and the fam quickly figured out that I do not like my crate so if I am really good, I get to stay free when we are left alone.”

As with all our dogs Ginger is spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped. If you think she  is what is missing from your home, please fill out an application under the Foster/Adopt tab. If you have previously applied to our rescue and are interested, please email us at 🐾❤️


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