Billo is a male bully mix (we are guessing Rottweiler/Mastiff), that is about 80lbs and around 2 years old.  We took him in from RAPS as they wanted to make sure he got a great home with no BSL.

He came from a unlicensed breeder in the area, because if this, he is used to being around other dogs which give him comfort and support. He did fantastic meeting our big and small dogs, and has been great with all other dogs while in his foster home. We feel a home with another dog is what he needs. We do not know about cats. Billo is a medium to higher energy dog due to his size and needs a decent amount of mental and physical stimulation a day. He also is a typical bully, a bit stubborn but very eager to please and takes correction well. Walks well on leash and has mastered house breaking in a short time. He is crate trained, but has been having some issues with separation anxiety when left alone, and has manged to escape his crate. We have recently started him on some anxiety meds that seem to be helping. Billo requires a home with another dog in it and preferably someone home more often than away. The boy is a big derp and just wants to be with people and other dogs. He is not jumpy or mouthy and we don’t see small children being an issue for him, but have not formally tested.

As with all our dogs, he is neutered and up to date on all shots and vaccines. If you are interested in meeting this dapper gent, please feel free to fill out an application under the Adopt/Foster tab

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