Hi! My name is Hope and I am a 3 year old female bully mix that weighs around 35 lbs.

I originally come from San Antonio Texas and I LOVE everyone and I get excited when meeting new…well…anything but my foster was  working hard to teach me the calm behavior and I have since made leaps and bounds but still need reminders every now and then. With the right home, I might even be good with kids, but right now my rescuer friends think that I might knock them over with how excited I get. I just love being free from the shelter!

As sweet as I am unfortunately I was not well socialized in my past and therefore I get very excited when seeing and meeting other dogs. With a slow and patient introduction and a reminder of manners, I have made a handful of doggie friends since arriving, but still still have some more work to put in to always remember my manners. I am muzzle trained and don’t mind it one bit, especially if you have treats since I am  VERY treat motivated which makes training with me so much more fun! I do need some more help with understanding how to act with little dogs though. Why cant they just play like us bigger dogs do? I find this confusing and can get a little rough with them. Cats are also a no go, they are just to dang tempting to chase.  I am good on leash, crate trained and house broken.

I like to think of myself as being on the higher end of medium,m energy just because I do need  a good amount of mental and physical stimulation a day, which hopefully would include a good amount of training practice!

If you are interested in me please feel free to fill out an application under the Adopt/Foster tab

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