Hulk is a rambunctious little male bully we saved from the San Bernadino animal shelter in California. While he has short little legs, he’s all muscle and at a little over one year old, has a lot of puppy energy still. He weighs around 50lbs. He has been good with other dogs thus far, but with the puppy mentality, is still learning proper manners and how to respect another dogs space and cues.

To him EVERYTHING is play! While we haven’t tested, we do not think he would be good with cats. As he is a higher energy younger dog, he is still learning manners overall. Not jumping up or being to excited inside. He gets mouthy when he is playing and will knock you over running around, so we feel durable older children if any. He LOVES new people and giving kisses to everyone.

He is a chewer, and needs durable toys or will find something in the home to play with 😉 He is great in his crate, decent on leash, and house broken. As with all our dogs, he is neutered and up to date on all shots and vaccines.

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