Beagle (previously known as Kato)

“Beagle”, formally Kato, is a adorable 5 year old male beagle weighing 30lbs that came to us locally as an owner surrender. He had been very undersocialized at his former home, and has issues that he needs a patient and confident family to help him work thru. Beagle needs a tight routine and strong leadership.

He still has a lot of anxiety from his isolation from the world the last few years, and is prone to panic attacks and outbursts. We have tried pharmaceutical medication in addition to CBD and melatonin to help take the edge off in new homes, but his panic attacks always seem to take over. In the many foster and foster-to-adopt homes he has tried he became human and dog reactive, which included biting 3 different people that required stitches. He has redirected his nerves on dogs that he has been living with no issue previously. He has displayed extreme separation anxiety which included self harm and home destruction in addition to howling for hours on end, even when the person was in the room next to him. Because of these issues, SEVEN homes now have said he’s too much for them and we are going to be hyper diligent that the next home is his final home.

He is currently living in our founder, director and head trainers home where he initially did a 2 week board and train where he has, and continues, to thrive. In her home, he is perfect in his wire crate, even left partially unlatched, has no separation anxiety for up to 8 hours, melds excellent with her 12 other dogs and did well meeting new people and other dogs. Unfortunately, we have not been able to recreate the same success in other homes. Living with The Pack, is very much like boot camp, and we feel the right home is one with the same kind of routine. Freedom and choices are earned with calm and respectful behavior.

Beagle LOVES new people, but his anxiety excitement can sometimes go over the top and he sets of the “beagle alarm” as we call it (howling). We find having new people making him sit for a treat is the best way to say hello. While he has been GREAT with small children, we worry with the transition into a new home and his propensity to get extreme anxiety, that placing him in a home with small children would be too much of a risk. 16+ and older only. This guy LOVES other dogs, big and small, and we feel a home with a large calm, confident dog, may be the key to his long term success. Cats are a no go.

Despite his short legs, he is VERY active, and daily outings and activity and training are a must for this guy! Minimum 2-3 hours of off leash running with mental stimulation and training. No couch potatoes for Beagle.

As with all our dogs, he is neutered and up to date on all shots and vaccines. He recently had a blood test, to get the right anti anxiety medications and a full examination at the vet. If you think you have the leadership qualities, patience and active lifestyle for Beagle, then email us at or fill out an application under the Foster to Adopt tab.

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