Sister is a 2 year old, 11 lb, Chi mix that came to us from our friends in Texas after being saved from a hoarding situation with her litter of puppies. Once everyone was old enough to be adopted, the puppies found their forever homes and now it is time for Sister to do the same, and given the opportunity to help be a part of that we couldn’t say no.

She arrived to our rescue just over a month ago where she has spent some time with one of our amazing fosters and now it is time for her to start meeting potential homes.

Her Foster Mom knows her the best so this is what she has to say…
“Sister is an absolute joy to have around and is the sort of pup that would be suitable for any home. She’s initially timid but warms up quickly. She’s calm and so, so cuddly, but loves to play. She can hold her own on hikes but is just as happy to be a couch potato.

She respects our toddler and gives her space, but comes over and gives her cuddles when she’s sleepy. We have a pet hedgehog that she’s curious about, but she’s happy to ignore when prompted so I’m sure she’d be fine with a kitty or any other critter housemates. She’s playful with other dogs, especially small ones, so she’d probably be happy to live with other dogs, but she runs back to her people after a few minutes of play so she’d probably also be fine with being the only dog.

She’s built up so much confidence with walks in the short time she’s been with us. She still jumps a little when buses or trucks drive by but she just shakes it off and carries on now. She’s sensitive to correction so we have been keeping things very gentle and positive, with lots of treats. She very rarely barks and is 95% housebroken (the trick is to watch her outside a give her lots of praise). Hubby says she’s the most loving dog we’ve ever had. A lot of fosters are slower to warm up to men but she was smitten with him from day one. Her future family will be very lucky to have her!”

She is spayed and up to date on shots, if interested in Sister please fill out an application under our foster to adopt tab.

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