Nova is an adorable 9 year old female chihuahua that weighs 8lbs that came to us from Eastwood Ranch Foundation in California after she couldn’t find a home locally. She was surrendered with two other dogs after her owner passed away. Nobody knows her better than her foster, so we will let her speak for her temperament: Nova settled in quickly and become attached to me right away. She’s a very friendly girl who loves to say hello to every single person we pass on the street (it takes forever to get anywhere!)

She licks A LOT which might not be everyone’s favorite but that’s how she prefers to say hello. I’m not a big fan so I quietly say “no licking” and avoid her stinky tongue and she’s getting it and doesn’t lick me too much but still licks EVERYONE else 🙂 I live alone so my house is very quiet and calm and Nova is very comfortable. She likes to be nearby but if I’m cooking dinner or taking a shower she will go in the living room and lay in her bed. She likes attention but has a little independence too. I leave her home, free to roam while I’m working and she just sleeps all day. I bought her a crate and put her bed inside and she likes to sleep there but I never close the door. I have a camera to spy on her and my kitty while I’m working and they both sleep peacefully. No separation anxiety or drama. I come home for lunch and take her out so she isn’t home alone for more than 4 hours at a time. I did leave her one day for 7 hours while I attended an event and she was fine. She’s completely housebroken and hasn’t had an accident.

My cat is 11 years old and pretty mellow. She lived with my senior Shepard for 4 years before she passed away so she’s dog savvy. Her and Nova haven’t had any issues. Nova has licked her face a few times and lay next to her once. Mary isn’t a huge fan so she just ignored her but I think Nova could have a cuddle with the right cat. She did have a little face off with a cat on one of our walks and gave a little tiny growl so a older/mellow/dog savvy cat would be best. Other than that tiny sound, which really wasn’t much of growl, she hasn’t make a peep. She never barks. She has met dogs of all shapes and sizes on our neighborhood walks and she has a sniff and goes on her way. Nova is a little nosey 🙂 When we’re walking she will stop and perk her ears up when she hears a dog bark or some unusual noise but she doesn’t react. If there is someone taking groceries out of their car she needs to investigate that too!

She’s pretty good on leash. She doesn’t pull (unless she sees a squirrel or a crow on the ground) but she does like to weave a little sometimes so again she’s a tripping hazard if you’re not careful. For the most part she will stroll happily along side me. We have encountered children on our neighborhood walks and Nova always says hi and gives kisses to them. I’m not sure of your policies on small dogs and children but personally I would like to see her go to a home with no kids. While she is very sweet with quiet, calm children I would be concerned about her safety if she were unsupervised with kids. She’s so small and she’s a major tripping hazard if you’re not careful. I fear she would be too easy to step on or injure. While she is very friendly she has a timid side as well. I think she’s doing well because everyone she meets is very calm and respectful. I think she would be overwhelmed by a lot of noise and activity. She’s very submissive and will roll on her back a lot and crouches down very low when new people come into my house. She walks right for them and licks their hand but in a very submission crouch.

She sleeps in my bed and cuddles up next to me under the sheets and it’s the cutest thing in the world. In the morning she rolls over for belly rubs and doesn’t want to get out of bed. She MUST be adopted by someone who will let her sleep in their bed. I think it’s her favorite 🙂 I will be VERY sad to see this little lady go but she will make someone very happy. She’s wonderful. As with all our dogs she is spayed and up to date on all shots and vaccines.

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