Hi! My name is Olive and I am a 2 year old female bully mix that weighs around 40lbs .

I came to PB & Chi Dog Rescue Society from my great friends at Handme-Down Hounds in San Antonio, Texas after she found myself in the shelter. I was such a rockstar in the shelter that I became a staff & volunteer favourite and would help my shelter staff friends assess other dogs and work on their socialization, however since I arrived to BC not to long ago, I have been a little unsure of all my new surroundings and atmosphere that I have become a bit reactive with new dogs. I’m just scared, but when someone is kind enough to help me with a proper introduction with new dog friends, I do really well. I know with some more decompression, socialization, and someone working with me I will be back to my rockstar social star in no time! No kitties for me though.

My Foster Dad says “She is one of the most well behaved, sweet and cuddly dogs I have ever met in my entire life and she is basically perfect as far as I can tel,” this is because I ADORE people and am so loving and outgoing with everyone I meet including kids!

If you’re worried about me being crate trained, house trained, and good on leash, don’t worry about that as I have it covered. I also have no separation anxiety! Since I am so eager to please and such a quick learner, I catch on to things very easily and training is fun especially when treats and lots of praise are my rewards. When it comes to exercise I like to consider myself as medium energy. Too keep my girlish figure and my brain sharp,  I do require a normal amount of daily physical and mental stimulation but love going on adventures! Did I mention I am good in the car 😉

I am spayed and up to date on all my shots and vaccines please heartworm tested. If you think I could be a good match for you please feel free to fill out an application under the Adopt/Foster tab

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