Murphy  is a 3 year old female mixed breed that weighs around 45lbs and came to us from our sister rescue Mexiperro. She arrived in the beginning of September, and has been living with a couple in Bellevue, WA. Unfortunately, it is not the right fit for everyone so we are looking for a local foster in the Vancouver, BC area or potential furever home.

Her mom loves her very much, and knows her better than anybody, and this is what she wrote about sweet Murphy:

“Hi, my name is Murphy, I had my American birthday January 1st, so I am 3 years old! I am a very, very laid back, chill, lazy gal who loves treats and toys that require thinking and puzzling. I’m a big fan of women, but I’m hesitant when it comes to men, and slow to trust them. My ideal relationship is laying in my big bed with my person within eyesight. I’m not a big cuddler, but I love scratches behind my ears, belly rubs, and butt pets, but most importantly knowing my person is nearby. I have been known to have separation anxiety from my main person, so I’m looking for someone who spends lots of time at home with me! If I’m left home alone for long, especially if I feel trapped, I’ll likely attempt to escape and can break out of most crates.

I’m very gentle and have done very well living with a cat. Although that cat is not a fan of me, we do well by simply ignoring one another. I have never shown any aggression towards her. I have not lived with another dog in the last 5 months, but I think I could do well with a dog pal that is very respectful of me and my space. Highly energetic dogs that want to wrestle or jump on me are not likely to be my friend. I have not lived with a child/children, although I have been respectful, kind and gentle to those I have met in passing. If you’re looking for a friend who will love any moment that she’s with you and doesn’t need a lot of attention, but simply wants to be near you, maybe I’m your gal. In addition to my health, I am also drop dead gorgeous! Love always, Murphy As with all our dogs,

Murphy is spayed and up to date on all shots and vaccines and microchipped, along with being heartworm and 4dxSNAP tested If you think you need this little lady in your life, email us at or fill out an application under the foster to adopt tab ❤️🐾


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