Luna- Applications Pending

Luna is a 1 year old mixed breed little lady that came to us in November from Mexi Perro in Mexico. She is 15 pounds of adventuring loving goodness. This is what her Foster Mom has to say about Luna:

“Luna is exceptional! She’s quick to learn a routine and you can easily tell when she gets bored. I’d say she’s medium energy as she really needs at least an hour walk a dog. This doesn’t mean extraneous exercise, but a good 30 minutes at a steady pace and then 30 minutes roaming and letting her use her nose, she is the happiest pup when doing this. Because she enjoys sniffing and tracking, she would probably make a great companion for scent work!

Her leash sills are great as I usually have her short leashed and focused on steady paced walks, so she knows leash = focus. We tend to do lots of exploring and trails in Mission, so we worked hard on her recall and she definitely knows she cant go too far from us. Her excitement to be outdoors is contagious as she gazelle jumps through the grass or goes at break neck speed down the mountain. She’s not afraid of the rain or cold and looks like she’d LOVE to go for swims this summer (she jumps in at the local lake in the winter no problem). If her outdoor needs are not met daily, be warned she will chew and eat anything that is left on the floor. Otherwise she is fully house trained, crate trained, and makes not a peep.

She is a little shy of new people and dogs but have been working on her social skills. Whenever she feels uncomfortable she sits right not to her person. We’ve been working on teaching her to play fetch, but really just freedom on the trails is this little girls love and joy. Luna is not a huge cuddle but if she wants more rubs she makes you know itty putting her muzzle under your hand and giving you these big puppy eyes. She’s great with respectful kids, doesn’t pounce on them but she isn’t a fan of being picked up or smothered with kisses.

Adores her toys and knowing at some bones for indoor entertainment. This little girl will keep you` smiling with her big ears and constant quirks that make you realize she totally has you wrapped around her little paws.”

Luna is up to date on all her shots and spayed. If you think you need this little lady in your life, email us at or fill out an application under the foster to adopt tab ❤️🐾


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