Maisie is an adorable 3 year old female bully mix that weighs around 50lbs. She is underweight now, so we feel ideally she should sit around 60lbs. She came to us from California when she couldn’t find a home locally with another rescue after looking for several months, so we are hoping Canada has her furever family ❤️

This little lady is looking for a more experienced family, that has the patience and background to help her relearn her manners, especially with other dogs. She has been working with our in house trainer, and been doing very well with larger dogs, even instigating play after proper introductions. Small dogs is going to take some time, but remember when you adopt with us, you get FREE training to help you and your pup succeed! What’s great is she is 100% muzzle trained and comfortable wearing it as often as needed. Plus she is VERY treat motivated, which makes training so much easier. Cats are a NO GO with this little miss. She LOVES people! Happily going wiggle bum over to anyone that shows her an iota of attention. She loves giving soft and gentle kisses to anyone who would like a 💋

She met a few small children in California and done well, as she has shown zero nervousness or over excitement around anyone she has met yet, but we want to retest to be 100% and so update her album when we do! With proper direction and equipment, she can be good on leash, but we feel face halti introduction will be a big key to her long term success and will be starting that shortly. Because she has has come straight from a kennel to a local boarding facility, we can assume she has lost some of her house breaking skills, and might need some reminding of house rules when she moves in. She has happily gone into her crate and we feel that should continue on her new home.

Maise is up to date on all her shots and spayed. If you think you need this little lady in your life, email us at or fill out an application under the foster to adopt tab ❤️🐾


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