Arlo is a 1 year old male (what we guess) is a terrier x boston x baby giraffe that weighs around 18lbs. He came to us from our friends at Mexi Perro in Mexico after he was found on the streets as a puppy.

This little monkey is definitely HIGH energy and doesn’t walk anywhere, but bounces like a bunny or is running and jumping. He’s so cute to watch and will make you laugh daily. He LOVES kids, but if they are nervous around excited dogs who might jump on them, Arlo might not be the best fit. He is a bit wary when he first meets new people, but it doesn’t take long, especially if you have treats, for him to warm up and be your BFF in no time! Sometimes, his excitement or nerves, make him a bit barky – and it’s surprising that this little guy has a formidable bark! But asking him to calm and it’s over in no time. Arlo LOVES other dogs, especially ones that love to run and chase and wrestle. We really think a home with another dog would be ideal for him, or a home that daycare, pack walks or dog parks are a part of everyday life. Currently his best friend and playmate is a 80lb doberman. We don’t know for sure about cats, but hope to test shortly.

This youngster is still learning leash manners, is almost perfect with house breaking and perfect in his crate. He has no separation anxiety or destructive tenancies, as long as he has plenty of toys to keep him busy.

Arlo is up to date on all her shots and spayed. If you think you need this little lady in your life, email us at or fill out an application under the foster to adopt tab ❤️🐾

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