Olive is a adorable female Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian, Australian Shepherd mix (mom did DNA) that is around 12 years young and 10 lbs.

Her mom adopted her from us a few years back after she came up from California and she has lived an amazing life with her, but due to life circumstances, she can no longer care for Olive as she deserves and has asked us to find her a home that can spoil her rotten. Nobody knows her like her Mom, so we will let her tell you a bit about this great girl:

“She’s a very sweet & smiley girl that likes going on long walks, slow jogs, boating, loves attention, being petted and lying in sunny spots. She is very treat motivated and learns very fast. She currently knows: sit, down, paw, high five, beg, roll over. She can also “wait” for her food until she’s told “go eat!”. She won the Bosleys/Tisol calendar model contest for 2018 and was featured as the month of May. She doesn’t really play with other dogs and she may do best in a home where she’s the only dog. She has been around dogs of all sizes – chihuahuas, pomeranians, coton de tulear, dachshund, American bulldog, pit bull and gets along with them as long as they’re not too hyper and lunging at her or invading her space. That seems to make her feel a little threatened and uncomfortable and she will do a little bark with a bit of teeth showing to tell them to back off. But that’s more so with large dogs. She does coexist well with cats and has lived with a cat and isn’t bothered by the cat at all. She loves her crate. And even if given the option to sleep on a human bed, she will jump off at night and go back to her crate to sleep. She has some separation anxiety and sometimes barks a bit when you leave. Or sometimes does little howls when you’re gone. She can get very anxious in the car and pants a lot. If going for a long car ride, she sometimes vomits around the 45 min-1 hr mark of driving and then sleeps and is calm and fine afterward. I used to take her out 4-5 times a day because she was not housebroken and she still has some trouble with that. If she has to go and there’s carpet or a rug, she will go. If she has a pee pad out then she usually uses that. But if she’s taken to a friends house and they have a rug, she will likely mark.”

Olive is spayed, up to date on her shots, and microchipped. If you are interested in being this sweet girls forever home, please email us at pbandchi@gmail.com or fill out an application under the Foster and Adopt tab


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