Romeo is a sweet 12lb male terrier mix that is 2 years old. He came to us from Eastwood Ranch Foundation after he couldn’t a home locally in California, so now he’s here in Canada to find one! Romeo is currently being fostered with two other dogs (one big and one small) and a rat!

Here’s what his foster mom says about him: Romeo loves other dogs and it doesn’t take him long to get used to new friends and cuddle in a bed together or have a little play session. He is low-medium energy dog. Romeo enjoys walks and an occasional run and play but he also loves just spending some time getting pets in his bed (or on the couch). He doesn’t care about cats very much. No aggression towards them or even much interest at all. A sniff a day will do, if the kitty is okay with that.

When it comes to humans Romeo is really shy and picky. It doesn’t seem like he cares whether you’re a man, woman or child- it takes him a bit or time to warm up. He is very nervous at first and doesn’t let some people touch him at all at the first meeting but seems okay with other giving him a pet as a hello. He does warm up with a bit of baby talk, gentle introductions, soft yummy treats and a calm attitude. Once you get to know Romeo and he gets to know you he is a really gentle, loving, playful boy. He just needs a little bit of time to come out of his shell.

Romeo is a really smart boy. We have practiced recall in our back yard fenced area and he is excellent at it but, again, only once he fully trusts you. He walks great on leash. As with all our dogs, Romeo is neutered and up to date on all shots and vaccines. If you think he is a good fit for you, and you for him, please fill out an application under the Foster/Adopt tab


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