Sampson is an adorable 5 year old male miniature pincher mix that weighs about 10lbs.

His foster mom adores him and has this to say about this little gent:

“Sampson is an adorable little min pin mix with a personality bigger than he is. His favourite activity is to bury himself underneath blankets and snuggle up to you. He is a sweetheart who loves to love. Sampson is a true Californian dog who loves seeking the sun and currently refuses to walk in the rain. On sunny days he can walk anywhere from 15 minutes to up to an hour if you take it a little bit slower at times. When it rains he is more than happy to play tug of war or fetch with his favourite toys indoors. Sampson can be a little slow to trust at first, especially towards men. He is polite to other dogs, and enjoys walking in a pack. He would be good with another gentle dog, since while he does love to play he can be easily toppled over. If startled or at the vet, he can get a little snappy. He has never bitten but gives off warnings. He has only interacted with older children who know to be gentle with him.”

He is not a fan when he is left alone for long periods of time, but doesn’t have destructive separation anxiety. He does need to be let out about every four hours or he will have an accident inside, so we are thinking a family where someone is home a majority of the time is deal for him. You may also notice Sampson’s “flipper feet”, we are told was a birth defect. He has been seen by multiple vets and all have confirmed that he is not in any pain or discomfort, and not any treatment either. This little bruiser doesn’t let his flipper feet stop him as he still goes for walks, plays, and gets along great. He does have a dry eye condition and requires inexpensive lubricating eye drops ($30/month or so) that he takes quite well.

As with all our dogs, he is neutered and up to date on all shots and vaccines! This little gent would be perfect for a retired person looking for a mellow snuggle buddy. If you are interested in being his forever home, please fill out an application under the Foster/Adopt tab


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