Beans is a 8 1/2 month old Doberman puppy that comes to our program as an owner surrender because of no fault of his own, Beans family has realized that he deserves to be with a family that can focus on training him and giving him the best life possible.

He is currently in a board and train program with Calming K9 Dog Training and she has this to say about this sweet dude:

Basic Skills:
– Leashed trained using head halter. Does try to pull for the first five minutes of a walk, if person is consistent, he walks well.
– Food and praise motivated.
– Crate trained. Sleeps in a crate at night in a private room and is crated anytime the person is not home. Can whine for a few minutes upon initially going in. Will wait at the front door of the crate and come out when instructed to do so. Should be practiced and maintained daily as routine.
– Waits in a “sit” at the front door. Only does this when asked. Person should be consistent in maintaining this and not allowing him to rush out
the doorway.
– Treadmill trained and uses treadmill daily in addition to regular walks.

– Shy, cautious demeanour, sensitive, sweet, and affectionate.
– No issues with being touched our handled.
– Generally quiet in nature if human and environment is also quiet.
– Is easily riled up and easily excited (due to age) if environment is exciting. This should be monitored as he will jump up when in this state
of mind.
– Non reactive towards dogs. Is interested when seeing dogs on a walk however easily redirected.
– Great on pack walks side by side with other dogs and when he is smelling other dogs rear end.
– Does best with slow introductions with new dogs as he can become uncomfortable (stiff body language) when unknown dogs are smelling his private parts.
– Will freeze if unknown dog rush him and are pushing into his space/ face. This can be unsettling for most dogs when unknown dogs come rushing in “hot” and it is not good doggy etiquette. Those types of interactions should be prevented/avoided.
– Human social with dog savvy people. Doesn’t like strangers baby talking to him or putting their face and making goo-goo-gaa-gaa noises in his face when he doesn’t know the person (common knowledge for dog savvy people but not common knowledge for most of the general

– Potential to develop separation anxiety if person is too clingy, allows too much freedom with no rules, and/or gives too much affection constantly. Dog attaches to one person easily.
– Has anxiety when riding in a car. No whining but excessive panting but does try to climb into the front seat (dangerous when driving). Would do best with a barrier between the back and the front seats or in a crate. Does better if asked to lay down on seats. Will not jump into car, must be lifted even though he is large enough to jump in.
– Has prey drive with squirrels, wants to chase – normal behaviour.
– Potential to become reactive if person does not set him up for success by meeting good/calm dogs in a slow manner on leash. Can walk in busy dog saturated locations without any issues. Not a candidate for dog parks or daycare as this would be too overwhelming for him at this time.

Potential Home:
– Is willing to commit to two or three private lessons with CK9 prior to taking the dog home (free of charge).
– Is willing to attend CK9 pack walks regularly for his dog socialization (free of charge).
– Not advise a busy household with young small children or a lot of yelling. Dog is very sensitive to vocal tones.
– Would do well in active household that likes hiking on the weekends.
– Advise to be crated when new guests arrive to home and once guests are seated to bring dog out on leash for an introduction.
– Should provide consistent routine with boundaries so dog knows what is expected of him.
– Needs to be exercise a minimum of 2 hours per day. 1 hour structured walk in the AM and 1 hour in the PM (non negotiable). He is a young and has a lot of energy. Behavioural problems will likely surface if he is not exercised properly. Letting him run around aimlessly in a back yard is not sufficient.
– Not off leash trained at this time. If candidate is interested CK9 can train him for this however not currently working on this skill as it is not a necessity in order to be rehoused.
– Understands that having him meet a ton of new people and a ton of new dogs for the first 30 days of being rehoused can be too overwhelming. Dog needs to get accustomed to new home, new owner, routine, environmental change sights and sounds, etc. Set him up for success by going slow as rehousing a dog is stressful for the dog and the dog takes time to decompress and adjust.

As with all our dogs, he is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. If you are interested in being Jets forever home, please fill out an application under the Foster/Adopt tab. If you have previously sent in an application and are interested in Jet, please email us at to let us know. 🐾❤️


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