Basic Information
Name: Lexi
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Bully Breed Mix
Weight: 65 lbs
Spay/Neuter: Yes

Dogs: Yes, do better with males my own size
Cats: No
Kids: 10+ years old, and know how to respect dogs and their space
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Any Aggression (food or other): No
Any other issues: N/A

Foster Notes

Hi!! My name is Lexi!

I listen well, can even do some tricks! I know sit, lay down, shake a paw, stay, leave it and up. Did I mention I am kennel trained, am used to being alone during work hours and I that behave really well? I know not to get into anything I shouldn’t but I d love sneaking up on the bed and resting all wrapped in blankets, however if you tell me to get down I will.

When it comes to needing exercise I would like to think I have the perfect amount of energy. I like to enjoy walks, small hikes or jogs. Too much exercise tires me out and can be a bit hard on my legs. Oh! But when out for walks, I do need someone who is paying attention holding my leash as I am a strong girl and thoroughly enjoy darting after small animals hehehe.

Some of my absolutely favourite things are kisses, cuddles and lazy evenings on the couch wrapped up with my humans and a blanket, especially after a good walk! My favourite toys are soft ones and ropes but I do tear them up pretty quickly!

I love all humans and attention! I am working really hard not to jump up when my humans come home, I just get so excited and happy to see them! I am good with kids but would be best in a family with older kids (10+) that understand me as I like to have my space respected at times and I will let you know when you I don’t think you are being respectful towards me, so kids who understand how I speak and will listen, or homes with just adults.

I am pretty quiet, I only really bark if I hear another dog barking but I do know when to stop. I do talk to my human sometimes if I want to go outside. I am friendly with most bigger dogs and warm up quick especially to male dogs. Female dogs take me a little longer to warm up to (girls can just be so b*t#h$!) and little dogs are not my favourite (most have such big attitude problems!). I am still learning my manners and how to socialize with other dogs so please help teach me and be patient, because I do want doggie friends.

My shots are all up to date, I am microchipped and spayed, and I was recently given an excellent bill of health, but at the end of it all, I am just an easy going sweetheart that just wants humans to love.

If you are interested in being my forever home and have previously applied to the rescue and are interested, email them at pbandchi@gmail.com to let them know how awesome you think I am 🙂

If you have never applied before, please fill out an application under the Foster/Tab to help the great people at PB & Chi know about about you so they can see if we match!

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