Leah is a 7 year old pit mix that came into PB & Chi 2 years as an owner surrender and was happily adopted, however things have changed and Leah is no longer thriving so her family has asked us to find her a home that she is happy In.

This is what they have to say about her:
“Hi, my name is Leia, but you can call me Princess 😉. I am a 7 year old red-nose mix but actually I am pretty sure I am more like 5. You can catch me hanging in the sunshine wherever I may find it, or if it’s not so nice out please find me a nice cozy blanket and wrap me in it on the couch. I am a very independent girl and decide what I want when I want, be it food, the bathroom, a nice loooong walk or to snuggle up on the couch. I really like squeaky toys, I don’t even destroy them too fast because they are so fun! Or maybe a kong with some treats inside. I never have an issue eating my food, but sometimes I will wait a bit to eat if the humans are snacking because maybe just maybe they will give me some of theirs! Although they never do…

When it comes to play time, I can get a bit excited and mouthy when I play, so make sure you have a toy or a rope around so I can focus my attention on that. If you don’t I think your hands are the play toy. I deep down want to play fetch but am unsure how and get really really excited so if you try make sure you are paying attention! I am getting really good with my walking but need a fair deal of discipline, as I sometimes like to follow the smells. When I come across other dogs I am not quite sure how to act and get very nervous, as long as I don’t get too much time to make the wrong decision and meets are brief it I am usually okay, but make sure you read my body language as it will warn with what may come next.

Deep down I do want to make friends with other dogs but right now, I just don’t know how.
Overall I am a weirdo wiggle but and like to bounce about when the humans come home, and if they every get there face close enough you can be sure they are getting all the smooches I can muster! Hopefully someone will have a nice big yard for me to play in and get my zoomies out because boy do I ever like to run, and FAST!”

Leah is looking for a calm breed savvy home where there are no young children or other dogs as she wants to be the one to get all the snuggles and a debenture.

If you think Leah is the piece that is missing from your home, you can fill out an application under the Foster/Adopt tab or if you have previously submitted an application to us, please email us pbandchi@gmail.com

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